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Meeqats - Ihram Places for Hujjaj

Meeqats are prescribed places of Ihram on all the four sides of Makkah, as set for Muslims by Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). The 5 places of Meeqat for Umrah & Hajj are as follows:

  • 1. Al- Juhfah also known as "Rabegh" (For the people coming from Egypt, Syria, or west)
  • 2. Dhul-Hulaifah also known as Abyar Ali (For people coming from Madinah)
  • 3. Dhatul-Irq (For the people coming from Iraq)
  • 4. Qarn-Al-Manazel (For the people coming from Najd and Taif)
  • 5. Yalumlum (For the people coming from India, Pakistan and Yemen by sea)

Pilgrims by Air transport: From UK/Europe:

The Nearest Miqat to Makkah for muslims traveling from UK is Rabegh. However, Pilgrims traveling by air from UK need to wear Ihram before reaching the locations of Miqat, but they should make the intention (Niyyah) and call out "Talbiyah" only upon reaching the Meeqat following the announcement. (Saudi Airlines announce about Meeqat). If travelling by other airline, Meeqat zone comes approximately one hour before arrival at Jeddah Airport.
Note: It is not permissible for pilgrims to pass through these prescribed stations without donning Ihram, whether they arrive by Road, Air or Sea.