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Our Responsibility

Over the years, Hajj Packages UK has focused on various areas as its social responsibility. These include:

Social Responsibility

Hajj Packages UK has always been active in serving the society has participated in helping the needy and been present in drying times such as earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions etc. We place relief camps and join hands with NGOs and other social workers to assist them in making relief efforts. The company has always welcomed its customers, business partners and even those that are not associated to it in any way, to make donations or work with it on site, in times of need. Those interested in working towards a social cause with us, will be explained rest of the procedure from one of our Helping Hands team members on contact. To find out more on this, contact us on +44 333 344 4202.

Corporate Responsibility and Business Ethics

As a social corporate citizen, Hajj Packages UK takes great care of the content that is uses ensuring that no law is violated. The company firmly believes in legal procedures ensuring that users all around the world are able to use its services in the right manner and face no problem with the company’s business.
processes. Hajj Packages UK has considered it its own responsibility to take good care of all travelers and tourists. Therefore, the company maintains healthy contact with its valued customers while they are out on their holidays so that any occurring issues can be cleared as soon as possible. This works successfully in making travel times better, fulfilling the company’s responsibility.